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πŸ“š Start a Book Club Like Laufey
πŸ“š Start a Book Club Like Laufey

Laylo can be used to bring your closest fans together.

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Outside of music, Laufey loves reading and storytelling. She decided to start a book club to have a more intimate experience with her fans.

She used Laylo to make the first club meeting a drop experience. Fans signed up to be notified when the event dropped.

Her texts felt personal and welcoming.

She created a separate IG page for the club.

Along with a Spotify playlist to match the vibe of the book.

Fans read the book and couldn't wait for the book club meeting.

On Sunday morning, Laufey notified fans when she was live and shared a link to the book club's IG page.


Hundreds of fans tuned in for an intimate IG live session with Laufey. There were thousands of other fans who RSVP'd for future Book Club updates. Laufey now knows exactly which segment of her fans are into reading as much as she is.

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