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๐ŸŽน Drop a giveaway like L.Dre
๐ŸŽน Drop a giveaway like L.Dre

Laylo can be used to drive hype around fan giveaways.

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To celebrate his 24th birthday, Lofi Hip Hop producer, L.Dre released an EP called 24. He wanted to reward his real fan by giving away a record player and a one of his vinyl records.

The Announcement

To announce the drop, he posted on Instagram letting fans know they could sign up right from his Laylo link, which was in his bio


Dre made it easy for fans. They just had to RSVP to be automatically entered in the giveaway. The winner was randomly chosen the following week.


Off of this one post, L.Dre signed up hundreds of fans to his general fan list to get updates whenever he drops new music.

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