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📲 Drop a livestream like Westside Boogie
📲 Drop a livestream like Westside Boogie
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Before his More Black Superheroes Tour, Westside Boogie invited fans to an IG Live. Here’s how he used Laylo to drive hype.

The Drop

Westside Boogie created a drop page to promote the upcoming livestream, but he kept his special guest a mystery.

Instagram DMs

A few hours before he went live, Boogie posted a story telling fans to respond to the story with MBS.

By simply replying with the keyword, fans automatically got a DM to complete the RSVP.

Fans also received the option to sign up via text and/or email for this drop, along with others.

Boogie also put his Laylo link and custom phone number in his bio so fans could sign up whenever.

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