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🌎 Build a Global Community Like FWB
🌎 Build a Global Community Like FWB
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Friends With Benefits (FWB) is a worldwide group of cultural creators, thinkers and builders who convene digitally and IRL to collaboratively shape Web3’s future. Here’s how they used Laylo to cut through the noise of Discord and promote events happening in their local chapters.

I’m not checking Discord. Just text me…

If you’ve ever been in a discord with over 100 people, you know it’s chaos and impossible to keep up with. Imagine a discord with over 14,000 members and dozens of active channels. It’s exhaustive.

So FWB used Laylo to localize their communication a bit.

Some people describe FWB as a city of cities. The group has multiple chapters across different cities and they each run their own budgets and events.

So it made sense for them to create Laylo pages for their bigger chapters.

Members in LA & NY can now opt out of discord and get a text or email only when something is truly relevant to them.

No more being out of the loop.

IRL Events

Just like any Web3 community, FWB members want to hang out in person. They’re also very busy people working across art and entertainment so it’s easy to miss a Discord announcement.

The chapter leaders used Laylo to send reminders to members in NY & LA about upcoming events and collabs.


FWB LA & NY members had less FOMO about keeping up with Discord and more fun meeting their digital friends IRL.

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