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⚾️ Engage NFT holders like Vayner Sports
⚾️ Engage NFT holders like Vayner Sports
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There’s a lot to keep up with across the Gary Vaynerchuk’s multiple brands, especially Vayner Sports. Here’s how they used Laylo to cut through the noise of Discord and keep their NFT collectors in the loop.

I bought the NFT for access. Not for Discord spam.

Discord is impossible to keep up with. Not everyone wants to sit there and wait for exclusive alpha that’ll drive up the price of their NFT.

Vayner uses Laylo to give their Sports Pass holders a way to get specific updates on the utility that they care about.

They shared their Laylo links across Twitter and Discord. Fans responded positively.

Vayner created multiple drop pages so fans could choose which updates they wanted to receive.


VSP holders spend less time in Discord speculating and never have to worry about missing an exclusive experience.

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