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🎨 Drop NFTs like ODESZA
🎨 Drop NFTs like ODESZA

NFTs are blowing up. Fans want to get there first.

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ODESZA, an A-list grammy nominated producer duo, began building hype for their upcoming NFT, 2 weeks prior to the drop.

The Drop

ODESZA promoted the release on their social channels with a visual of NFT.

ODESZA embedded their Laylo RSVP button onto their website.

They posted the link across Instagram Stories, Twitter and YouTube. Their NFT was only available to buy for a few hours so it was crucial that fans get to the page on time.


2,700 fans signed up to get notified and on Drop day, they were sent the link to go buy the NFT on Nifty Gateway. In the first minutes of the drop, ODESZA made more than $1.5m.

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