Brownies and Lemonade is one of the most influential brands in the electronic space - throwing parties and events, and blowing up artists. Here's how they used Laylo on multiple occasions to drive ticket sales.

'First Show Back'

Towards the end of the pandemic, Brownies and Lemonade created a drop for their 'First Show Back', garnering fan engagement for when they'd return.

They posted a tweet teasing that they would be back soon and linked this drop to 'get notified.'

When the show was announced, all the fans got a text and the event sold out.

'B&L Lake Havasu'

When B&L launched their festival tickets for 'Lake B&L', they imported their list of phone numbers into Laylo to text them on demand.

The list was a combination of fans from previous events who had opted in to text message marketing.

They sent 3 messages to the fan base, and the festival sold out.

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