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🎟 Announce a Tour like LANY
🎟 Announce a Tour like LANY

Artists and Promoters know that building hype for a tour is a key to successful ticket sales.

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LANY announced a summer tour and built some hype using Laylo’s integration with Instagram.

Build Suspense via IG stories

Leading up to their tour announcement, LANY posted a vague IG story to drive anticipation. Fans could sign up to be first to learn the news.

It was a no-brainer for fans since all they had to do was respond to LANY’s story with “RSVP.”


On that Monday, LANY automatically sent fans an Instagram DM with a link to the pre-sale and VIP tickets with an exclusive code.

All that LANY had to do was create the drop, connect their Instagram Business account and pre-load the drop day messages with the link.


LANY eventually sold out their tour. Laylo made it easy and convenient for their fans to remember to buy tickets and get early access.

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