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🎧 Drop a song like Austin George
🎧 Drop a song like Austin George

Artists want their songs and albums to go viral on release day. Fans want to know when that is.

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A month prior to drop, Austin George, a brand new artist with no streaming presence yet, began building hype for his upcoming single, “Blue Bonnets”.

The Announcement

He posted a short, extremely catchy snippet of him performing the song:

Austin didn't even have the song finished at the time, so he used a Laylo link titled "Get a text when Blue Bonnets comes out <3" and garnered 8k sign ups. The Laylo page also had an 80% conversion rate for fans seeing the page ⇒ inputting their 1st party information. This conversion rate is 5x higher than what an artist would see on a traditional presave tool.

The Drop

On Drop day, all those fans were sent the song link. Austin George was placed in New Music Friday as well as Varsity Bars - which is amazing DSP traction for an artist with no music out. The song now has 1.6m streams.

In addition, those fans are opted in to get updates from Austin George, so when he releases his EP, merch, or show tickets, he already has a base of fans to reach out engage.

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