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🎼 Drop a song like Sadie Jean
🎼 Drop a song like Sadie Jean

Artists want their songs and albums to go viral on release day. Fans want to know when that is.

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3 weeks ahead of the drop, Sadie Jean, an up and coming independent artist, began building hype for her upcoming single, “WYD Now?”.

The Announcement

She posted a few short clips of her singing to and reacting to comments about the upcoming song. The videos went viral.

The Comments

The top comment on the video was “Somebody please remind me when this is released!”. Luckily, Sadie used a Laylo link in her bio - a page where fans could RSVP via text, email, or Facebook to get the song link as soon as it was out.

The Drop

On Drop day, over 80,000 fans were sent the song link. Sadie was placed in New Music Friday and several other flagship Spotify playlists. The song recieved over 400,000 streams on the first day, and is now her most popular song with over 40m streams.

Sadie got more fans signed up for drop notifications than she got followers on Instagram, Spotify and more. She’s now using Laylo to notifiy them about upcoming concerts, merch and music.

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