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🎹 Drop a song like Murda Beatz
🎹 Drop a song like Murda Beatz
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Murda Beatz released a new single “No Más,” featuring Quavo, J Balvin, and Annita. Murda co-produced the single with Pharrell Williams. Here’s how he used Laylo to drive pre-saves and first day streams, along with a little hype for the Warriors during their NBA championship run.

The Drop: Sign Up + Pre-Save

A few weeks ahead of his new single, Murda created a drop page where fans could easily sign up to be the first to hear it.

When the single dropped, fans were notified that it was out and had the track Pre-Saved to their Spotify.


Murda, and everyone featured on the single, shared the pre-save link across their socials.

Since it was the NBA finals, Murda threw his support behind the Warriors by betting $10k on the game.

It was only right that Murda supported Andrew Wiggins since they both rep Canada.

Any fan who pre-saved the single had a chance to share the winnings with him.

Murda put the link in his bio.


Not only was he able to get pre-saves, but he also built a list of fans who he’ll be able to notify for his next drop.

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