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How to add Laylo to your Site

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Laylo is partnering with Tellie, the web2 and web3 website builder with NFT/Token-gating, to seamlessly add a Laylo embed to your site and truly own your content, community, and creative destiny. Below are some instructions on how to connect your Laylo to Tellie.

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Step 1

On your Tellie Site go to “My Dashboard”

Step 2

Click on “Pages” and once you click on your site, click on the + on the bottom right hand corner.

Step 3

You can use Tellie's Instant Embed Tile to embed your general Laylo signup link, or a signup for a specific drop.Once you click on the +, a pop up for adding tiles will display several options. Click on “Instant Embed”

Step 4

After creating your Laylo, hit “Create a Drop.” You can then click on the “sharing'' tab at the top, and If you're focusing on a Drop, grab your Drop link from your Laylo profile. Otherwise, you can copy your general Laylo profile link.

Step 5

Take that copied link and paste it into the Instant Embed tile on your Tellie Site.

Step 6

Once successfully completed, the outcome should look like this:

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