We get it, there are plenty of SMS platforms out there and they convinced you to sign up. Then you found out they're expensive, time consuming and hard to use (if you clicked this, you know who we're talking about 😊 )

Here's how to keep your sign up list

  1. Email your account rep at the other service saying “please send a CSV of my fan list"

  2. Send us an email with the terms that your fans opted into

  3. We’ll help you upload your list on your Laylo Fans tab

  4. Send your list a message on your Messaging tab letting them know you've switched services and that they can opt out anytime.

    1. Something like: "Hey it's ___, I just switched messaging tools so you'll be getting texts from here now! Reply STOP anytime to opt-out"

  5. You’re all set!

Here's how to keep your phone number

  1. To keep your phone number, email your account rep at the other service saying "I’m looking to switch my phone number over to Twilio Account SID:ACddeabe7926dc88cf17ad0f43a9b116cc.

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