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🎵 Laylo + Presave

Build Spotify presaves directly on drop pages

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A big use case for Laylo has been using a Drop to let fans get notified when a song is out. Traditionally, this has been somewhat accomplished through presaves via, Linkfire, Hypeddit, and a few other platforms.

Here's an article that outlines how presaves have been used in the past and what they will mean in the future:

The Presave Myth

Industry wide, people have been using ‘presave’ links - but I wanted to actually clear up exactly what a presave actually does.

There is no such thing as a ‘presave’ on Spotify’s backend. Spotify has no clue how many ‘presaves’ you have. When you execute a presave campaign on Ffm, Linkfire, Hypedit, etc. all that’s happening is that the company will store the fan’s Spotify token, and then save the track to their library when the song is actually out. That’s why you don’t need to add an ISRC for a presave to work until the song is actually out.

It’s the same with Laylo. When a fan logins into Spotify on Laylo, we store the fan’s Spotify token/account, and then when the song is actually out, we loop through every fan and add the track to their libraries.

Laylo now offers Spotify Presaves directly on Drop pages

After much research and customer interviews, we built presave functionality directly into the platform. The feature is available publicly. Manage Drop ⇒ Advanced Tab ⇒ Autofollow

Why is Laylo’s presave any different than the rest?

See the video for how the flow works or try the example below

What goes on under the hood

  1. As soon as the fan signs into Spotify, we auto follow the artist via their Spotify account. (Make sure to have your spotify artist page linked on your profile!)

  2. When the drop date and time is set, Laylo will auto save the song directly into the fan’s library as soon as they receive the text/email/IG dm with the song link

  3. Once a fan logs into Spotify for the first time, they will never have to login again. This is because we attach a fan’s Spotify account to their phone number. So the next time the fan goes to presave any of your songs via Laylo, all they have to do is put their phone number!

  4. Any fan who presaves once is presaved forever until they opt out via Laylo. For example if you get 10k fans presaved on your first song, and another 10k on your second, you actually have 20k total. Our presave works on an artist basis, not a song by song basis.


How well does it work?

So far we are seeing a 35% conversion rate from Laylo sign up ⇒ inputting their Spotify info. This is on par or better than traditional presaves, not to mention you get their phone numbers too

How will Spotify know how many presaves I have?

This is a myth. All presave tools like FeatureFM don’t actually report data to Spotify. Spotify has no idea how many presaves you’ve gotten. The track does not actually ‘save’ into the fans’ libraries until the song is actually out. Laylo works the same way as other presave tools

Do I need to know the song’s ISRC or Spotify link when I set this up?

No, you can input this info any time and collect fan data until you’re ready to drop.

Who has used this feature?

Shortlist: Cavetown, Sub Urban, Odesza, Murda Beats, J Balvin, SiR, Jenna Raine, Madeline the Person, Katherine Li, Alexander23, North Star Boys, Dixie Damelio, Dylan Conrique, Dillon Francis, Laszewo

Why don’t you have Apple Music?

Long story short, Apple Music presaves don’t work well. It’s extremely buggy and everyone who has used it has experienced issues.

See below the examples of the Apple presave on mobile. For one you have to request fans to copy and paste the link in Safari.

Companies like Sony are now just asking for emails (see below)

One note is that Apple is working on a native pre-add function that would antiquate all of this. Tbd on when that will be out

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